So, just another build gallery, and some notes on another of the MadLab projects I assembled.

This is the Electric Telegraph from MadLab, which one can use by itself to practice Morse Code, or, by connecting to another unit over some wires, actually use as a bidirectional telegraph system. For practising Morse Code with a buddy.

I actually intend to build another of these and faff about with it, I suspect that if I was also to build a second Enigma Machine kit I could probably have a bit of fun with someone else who knows Morse Code sending ciphered messages as opposed to merely plaintext.

Or, perhaps, with more participants, construct a rudimentary “wiretap” between the two and decode/decipher the messages, like a GCHQ simulator. And so on the ideas go. Maybe a project for at one of the camps, like EMF Camp…

The “length of wire” could probably be trivially replaced with some bodged up solution to transmit wirelessly (probably involving a Baofeng, just rustle the jimmies of certain serious HAM types). Lots of potential for fun and learning with such a simple circuit, lots of potential to needlessly over complicate things.

Assembly was straightforward, though after being away from the soldering iron for a couple of weeks my joints were not quite as neat as I’d have liked.

I have a few more of these to post yet, still need to get around to video recording function testing. Been thinking of setting up some kind of camera and recording assembly, which will be useful for documenting the more odd ones that don’t exactly come with instructions…

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